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International Program
"Consolidation and extension of international collaboration"

       According to this Program, the following events have been and are being organized by the Fund.
       The permanent representation of the Fund in the Scientific and Technical Council by the Executive Committee of the Belarus and Russia Union and participation in the work of the Ecological Council (project managers - A. Poryadin and P. Kosykh) together with the Committee of Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus and Russia Union, dealing with problems of ecology, nature use and elimination of consequences of accidents.
       The Fund participation in the UN World Forum "Millennium Forum" (May 22 - 26, 2000, New York) by the invitation of the Organizing Committee as a Non-Governmental Organization that possesses the UN General Consultative Status.
       The Seminar "Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Economic and Social UN Council" was held in Moscow on August 26, 2000 within the framework of the Third Aerospace Congress under the proposal of the United Nations together with State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs. Dr. Hanifa Mezoui, head of the NGO sector of the UN Economic and Social Council, Department of Economic and Social Relations, chaired the Seminar. The goals of the Seminar are to expand the opportunities of Russian Nongovernmental Organizations' participation in realization of the UN Projects and Programs. More than 90 non-governmental organizations from 37 cities of Russia took part in the seminar.
       The work of the Fund's delegation on the Fourth Conference of the Consultative Group of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to implement CNS/ATM systems (February 6, 2001, Montreal, Canada). Materials provided by the Fund, have been published in the Conference documents.
       The Fund's participation in organization and carrying out of the World Action "The Earth Day" and realization of international projects "Bell of the World" and "The Earth Flag" (March 20, 2001, Moscow) in accordance with the Conception "The Earth Day", approved by the UN. The projects are carried out with the assistance of the Moscow Government and the UN Information Center in Moscow.
       The Fund's joining to the International Congress of Non-Governmental Organizations (CONGO) of the United Nations, under the official invitation of the Congress Administration, 2001.
       The Fund together with the Non-governmental Organizations Sector of UN Department of Economic and Social Collaboration carried out the Seminar "The role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the realization of new ways of international cooperation in educational, cultural and business spheres" (May 6, 2001, New York, USA).
       Aside from the activities mentioned above, the Fund takes active part in creation and assistance of non-governmental public organizations, with the objective to expand and consolidate international cooperation in different fields of human activity.
       Thus, on the 29th of December 1998, the International Trustee Fund of the Tsyolkovsky MSATU became one of the founders of the International Public Organization "Association of Graduates and Veterans of the General Headquarters Military Academy of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation" (AGV GHMA).
       In April 2000 the International Fund of Support to the Development of Culture, Science and Education "Humanism, Progress, Law and Order" was established with the Fund direct assistance.
       The Fund also took active part as a founder in creation of the International Public Organization - the International Forum "New World, New Man", which was founded on March 2, 2001.

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