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World Russian Forum


"Political Support to American-Russian Cooperation"

The Forum will start on May 4, 2001 in New York and will be completed on May 8, 2001 in Washington

        The basic aim of the forthcoming Forum is being based on experience of already held actions, and taking into account the changed political situation both in Russia and the USA, to find out new ways of the American-Russian cooperation in business, scientific, cultural and educational spheres, to attract Western investments to the Russian economy, to rise some questions of legal and financial guaranties for the foreign investors. The forum will have its specific sounding. The matter is not only exciting problems of economic, investment, cultural, scientific and educational cooperation between the two countries.
        The forum will pass on a background of new political conditions in Russia and the USA.
        Support to the forthcoming Forum will be rendered by the American-Russian Business Council and Russian-American Business Council, International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation State Duma, Committee 2000 attached to Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federal Ministry of Affairs of the Nationalities, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Fund of Culture, Eurasia Group.
        The members of "American-Russian Business Council" are the largest corporations and banks interested in dealing with Russia in the business sphere. Among them, there are Motorola Inc., Halliburton/ Brown&Root, General Electric Company. Exxon Mo-bil Corporation, Coca-Cola Company, Xerox Corporation, The Boeing Company, Philip Morris Companies Inc., Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc., Archer Daniels Midland Company, Oracle Corporation, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.. Partner, Ernst and Young L.L.P, Dow AgroSciences, Caterpillar Inc., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Bechtel Corporation, Citibank, Conoco Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation. Price Waterhouse Coopers, and other.
        The Forum program consists of the following thematic sessions where the participants from Russia will present their investment projects: "Political and Economic situation in Russia and the USA. Changes and new tendencies", "Legislative environment and protection of investments", "Banking and Finances", "Aviation and Space", " Recent achievement in the field of science and education", ''Telecommunication", "Culture", "Investment projects from Russian cities and regions". "Agribusiness", "Oil, Gas and Metallurgical complexes", "Transport", "Trade and tourism", "Russian emigration", "The Role of Non-Government Organizations in the fields of International Collaboration in the scientific, business, cultural and educational areas", (The section will be leading by the Department of Non-Government Organization of Economical and Social Council of UN).
        International Trustee Fund of the Tsyolkovsky MSATU and the Non-Governmental Organizations Section/DESA of United Nations will arrange a Session/Seminar "The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Realization of New Ways of International Cooperation in Business, Science, Culture, Education".
        Besides these sessions, meetings in United States Congress and the USA official authorities, and Official Levee in the Russian embassy in Washington will be organized.
The Forum participants and their guests will be offered a cultural program including a trip over New York and Washington with visiting museums.
        The Russian Representation of the Forum renders assistance in air tickets purchase and booking, and visa registration, and also, it assists in registration of a further trip over the United States of America.

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"Political Support to American-Russian Cooperation"

New York - Washington, DC
May 4 - 8, 2001


The Honorable

of the United States of America
George Bush

of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin

        The International Forum "Political Support to American-Russian Cooperation" expresses you the great gratitude for practical actions directed on stabilization, strengthening and development of the international, interstate and external economic relations, and organization and successful realization of the present Forum have been the example on this matter.
        The Forum is memorable by the fact, that it is carried out in the beginning of the Third Millennium and the new XXIst century, and it purposes the object to search new ways of the American-Russian cooperation, that will allow to achieve practical results in economic, financial, industrial, scientific, cultural, educational spheres.
        Your activities, the Honorable President of the United State of America and, the Honorable President of the Russian Federation, foretell new stages of the positive development in the relations of two Great Powers and creation of favourable conditions for development of the world community.
        The International Forum "Political Support to American-Russian Cooperation" makes a request to you about the support of the Forum's initiatives and wishes successes in your activity for the greater glory of the peoples of the USA and Russia, which have entrusted to you to act on behalf of your States and for the welfare of its.
        The Memorandum has been approved at the Final Plenary session of the Forum.

Washington May 8, 2001

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