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VI. The Expected Results of the Programs Realization


         The Programs key objective is to introduce into general practice new ecological systems and apparatus designed for environmental protection. The present scientific and technological level allows developing and putting into production up-to-date pieces of technology, enabling complex protection of atmosphere, hydrosphere, lands, etc. to be provided. The new principles, underlying these techniques, reduce tangibly the time for environmental protective measures and cut down their cost with simultaneous rise of their effectiveness.
         Program realization will ensure production of high technology facilities, which will allow preventing up to 40-45% of otherwise possible damage in parallel with material economy of financial, and materiel means. As for the social aspect, the Program will promise beneficial results along the following lines:

  • World population ecological safety increase;
  • Expansion of the scientific research on base of universities;
  • Implementation of scientific and production potential of ex-military enterprises;
  • Creation of large quantity of extra working places;
  • Real ecological help for under-developed and developing countries;
  • Use of restored resources received during the old equipment and waste reprocessing.

         All works under the Program rule out use of budget allocations and expected to be subsidized from off-budget sources.
         To accelerate the work on the development and putting into practice world-competitive means of technology intended for environmental protection, close cooperation is proposed to be established and maintained with all interested organizations and states.


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