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IV. Analysis of Methods and Means of Environment Protection presented in the Projects of the Program


         It is obvious, that constantly growing mans industrial activity has an adverse effect on the environment, that in turn demands realization of more and more effective and scale actions for its protection. Moreover one will have not only to improve the existing achievements of science and technology but also to apply the latest ones. Thus, while not disposing of the use of sounding-balloons for monitoring the atmospheric conditions, the Fund has included in its Program the project under which such balloons will have to be equipped with sensitive gasanalyzers capable of measuring ozone concentrations (such instruments having no world analogues). The Program also contains many projects on atmosphere protection from exhaust gases of internal combustion engines and noxious impurities control, and also projects dealing with the production of a new generation of domestic appliances and industrial waste utilization, including military production (ozone-friendly refrigerators, utilization of automobile tiers, cutting down discarded ships and metal structures, reactive wastes utilization, etc.). Most of projects have passed the stage of scientific-technical and technological development and got manufacturing facilities for their realization. Many of the projects do not require long-time and capital investment for their realization.
         Up-to-date achievements of science and technology have been incorporated into sewage water purification projects. Such projects provide for regenerating not only drinkable water and water for industrial needs, but also water for such extra-pure industries as health and medicine, also fine-technologies industries. This package of projects, as a rule, has also been brought to the level of productional readiness.
         Of special importance in the Funds Ecological Program are large-scale projects dedicated to environmental control and to extinguishing forest fires with the aid of aviation and space technologies. If realized, these projects would allow identifying ecologically dangerous regions in good time, to control situation and undertake due and timely measures to correct the situation accordingly. Besides, opportunities will be created to set up common information space not only in individual counties and regions of the Earth, but eventually a global environmental information space. In this respect the Program Protection of Earth Environment will have to build up a common bank of the Earth's ecological data by coordinating the work on forming scientifically substantiated and generalized criteria underlying the estimates of environmental situation; this can be used to work out programs for assessing, forecasting and making decisions on how the environmental situation can be improved.
         The package of projects of the Program is formed up on competitive basis after carrying out scientific-technical expertise. Implementation of the most projects suggests that a pilot lot be made, tested and certified for serial manufacture.


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