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          On a global scale the ecological situation has reached such a state that only cooperative efforts of international community can radically change the state of affairs for the better.
         The environmental protection implies the development and implementation of measures that would contribute to effective utilization of the environment, including protection against excess technological loads and negative after-effects of man's interference, also active regulation of natural processes, the reproduction and improvement of the natural potential of landscapes.
         The present level of ecological safety is unable to prevent the occurrence of crises in the field of environmental protection. Today these questions must be examined from different angles that would take into account the interstate character of the process under development, the necessity for complex nature-protection measures, interplay of negative factors, etc. That challenge can be met only by mobilizing all the resources of modern scientific achievements and using these as a basis of effective methods and means for protection of the Earth's environment.
         Trustee Funds of the Tsyolkovsky Moscow State Aviation Technological University (MSATU) operating in Russia, USA, France, UK, Australia, Czech, Cyprus, Byelorus, Israel and other countries have been forming and releasing this Program for uniting of all scientific and technical societies of various countries for the purpose of counteracting the ecological crises on Earth.
         In addition to the basic directions (Sections 4 10) the Program includes such other directions without which, as the Program compilers believe, the presented task can not be achieved. For example, these are directions connected with insurance of nature protection activity (Section 20) and investment and innovation activities (Section 19). The rapid growth of energy consumption also demands that Section 11 be singled out as an independent one since it deals with the extraction, manufacturing and transportation of fuel and energy which not infrequently is accompanied by serious and undesirable changes in the environment.
         No nature-protection activities can be brought into effect without provision of a modern information system that would reflect, timely and fully enough, the existing environmental conditions. This is what Section 1 is intended for.
         The important direction of the Funds activity is the increase of a level of ecological knowledge and ecological culture of the population ( 16). This work should be carried out at colleges and universities, using the facilities of the youth creativity centers, museums etc., and will require the development of copious updated methodical materials and professionally trained teachers.
         The existing in the mean time parameters - maximum allowable concentration, percentage of harmful substances etc., are just the individual criteria of an estimation of a condition of an environment and do not establish complex interrelations of its processes. In this connection it is necessary to create modern phenomenological models of an ecological condition of environment and on this base to develop mathematical models of processes that will allow to establish scientifically proved interrelations and predict possible consequences ( 2).
         All items of the Program are focused on the problem of man's safety that will require a complex solution of sometimes conflicting problems ( 15).
         Near Space Ecology ( 3) and Megalopolis Ecology ( 12) are the objects for both scientific researches and technological substantiation that would allow the man's safety level be maintained.
         All works in the framework of the Program must be done within the legally defined margins because without legal support a lot of works may not be realized at all. This is why the Legal Provision for Environment Safety ( 17) and development of the structures (organizations) for the Program realization will be given adequate attention.
         These are the directions of the Funds planned nature protection activities supported with specific technological decisions (projects) the number of which is constantly growing. The Program is based on expansive geographical grounds: it includes dozens of countries. Numerous firms, companies, organizations and universities have been participating in its development and they are ready to participate in its implementation thereafter.


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