• The 30th Anniversary of the appearance on the moon of the world's First automatic self-propelled machine "Lunokhod-1".

Within the project, a set of events dedicated to this memorable date was carried out in different cities of Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States.

6.09.2000 . - Meeting of collaborators of the Space Telecommunications Center with the Lunokhod's driver - member of the Fund, Major-General V.G. Dovgan.

17.11.2000 . - Press conference in the Company "Lavochkin", Lunokhod's designer. Among the participants of the conference was General Designer Kulikov S.D., President of the Russian Space Academy V. Senkevich, Assistant Chief Designer of Lunokhod (General Designer Assistant) O. Ivanovsky, the Lunokhod creators and the Lunokhod crew.

10 20.11.2000 . - Northwest department of the Federation of Astronautics (Saint-Petersburg). Meeting with the creators of Lunokhod's chassis and grand convocation of the scientific community in G. Tovstonogov Theatre. Among the participants of the convocation was Chief Designer A. Kemurdgian, space pilot A. Arzybarsky, First Vice-president of the Federation of Astronautics of Russian Federation O. Muchin, Lunokhod's driver V. Dovgan and others.

27.11.2000 . - Military Academy of missile troops for strategic missions under the name of Peter the Great (Moscow). Meeting of the Academy students with the Lunokhod's driver.

29.11.2000 . - MATI-RGTU. Club of Interesting Meetings. Meeting of the students and teachers with the Lunokhod's driver.

9.12.2000 . - Center of Children Space Education (head - space pilot A. Lazutkin). Meeting with Lunokhod's crew members.

16.12.2000 . - Major Center of Space Facilities Experiments and Control (Krasnoznamenskoe). Press conference of Lunokhod's crew members and their meeting with Center employees.

20.12.2000 . - The Memorial Museum of Astronautics (Moscow). Lunokhod's crew members' meeting with pupils of Moscow schools.

19.01.2001 . - Course of lectures of the crew members within the framework of the XXIX All-Russian Competition "Space".

09.03.2001 . - Speeches of the crew members on XXVIII All-Scientific Readings, dedicated to the memory of the First Astronaut Yu. Gagarin (city of Gagarin).